The Parade of Mischief in Downtown Summerlin – Every Friday and Saturday in October

Downtown Summerlin has taken the spirit of Halloween to the next level with the brand new” Parade of Mischief” that is kicking off fall family events starting on Friday October 4, with the parade starting promptly at 7 p.m. on Park Center Drive.  This parade is sponsored by Spirit Halloween.

The Parade of Mischief has a cast of more than 30 local kids, dancing zombies, ghosts, witches, wizards, a dead skeleton band and more, according to a news release.

Halee Mason, marketing director of Downtown Summerlin stated “Parade of Mischief is a wonderful new addition to our line-up of family-friendly entertainment at Downtown Summerlin. The annual holiday parade is one of our most beloved and popular events here, so we are upping the ante by creating yet another seasonal parade to celebrate Halloween. We can’t wait to unveil it to the community on Oct. 4!”

The annual Halloween event Treat Street event returns to Downtown Summerlin from 5 to 7 p.m. Oct. 31. The event is free and open to the public, and families are encouraged to dress in Halloween costumes for trick-or-treating throughout the common area where participating retailers will distribute candy.

Don’t forget about the “Howl-O-Ween” dog costume contest Oct. 31 during Treat Street festivities. Entry fees include a $20 donation ($10 for each additional dog entry) to the Animal Foundation. The contest will place in Macy’s Promenade. Check-in will begin at 4:30, and the contest starts at 5:30 p.m.

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So You Decided to Remodel Your Home – Will You Survive the Chaos?

You should realize that remodeling your home is a major disruption to your life, and not everyone has the patience they think they will have.  A remodel can affect your day-to-day plans, as well as turn your family’s world upside down with workers invading your home and a lot of dust covering everything in the home.

Many homeowners wonder “why did I ever decide to take on this gigantic task?” – even before the remodel has been completed. Whether you’re already in the middle of your remodel or you’re just pondering having one, here are some tips to keep you from experiencing a sense of mid-remodel regret.

Start Small – While the idea to launch into a full remodel is tempting to get everything done at once, taking the time to prioritize particular aspects of the remodel can make it much less unsettling and easier to control the budget.  You should consider which parts of the remodel are the most pressing as well as which would be the most difficult to deal with. Consider avoiding projects that are excessively difficult such as moving plumbing unless there’s a good reason to take them on. Prioritize everything else so you can complete each project in turn and move onto the big picture over time.

Respect the Construction Zone – There will be a LOT of dust, debris and noxious odors when you remodel. Most contractors will put up plastic sheets and take other precautions to try and keep all of this out of parts of the house where they aren’t working, but there’s only so much that can be done in this regard.  You can cover your furniture or have items moved away from the part of the house that is being worked on.  You can pack away items in sealed boxes so when the remodel is finished the cleanup will be easier. You may even want to put items in a portable storage in front of your home.

Try to plan your time at home so that you aren’t there during the worst of the noise and fumes. Purchase an air filtration system or two that you can put near the work areas to grab as much dust as possible.

Stick to the BudgetOne big issue when remodeling is that the budget tends to go off track and gets bigger. Once the remodel starts, you may find that there are extra bits of spending that are needed to finish the job.  Also there is the temptation to upgrade some of your plans since the newer version wouldn’t cost that much more. All of these little changes can really add up over time. Make a budget for what you want, add about 20% to 25% to account for the unexpected, and then stick with it. If there’s anything that you really want to upgrade but aren’t sure that the budget can handle it, save it until as close to the end as possible before authorizing the cost.

Talk It Out -Communication with your contractors is a key component to making it through a remodel unscathed. This doesn’t mean that you should require them to report every little thing back to you unless there’s a problem that they need your insight or authorization for, you’ll be best served to let the pros do their job. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check in and see how things are progressing, especially if you need to structure part of your day around the work that’s being done. Talking with your contractors regularly helps you to plan your life better around the remodel and saves them the trouble of tracking you down when they need to check with you about something.

Find the right remodeling contractor – contact your Realtor – ME.  I have lists of contractors for different types of remodel jobs and will recommend contractors with a good reputation for the particular remodel you have in mind.

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Friday the 13th! The PERFECT Time for Scary Movies!

I would have to say my favorite scary movie experience was watching Friday the 13th in the dark theater as a kid – it scared the H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS out of me… which I  liked. I remember being disappointed by Friday the 13th 2 and actually walking out of the theatre for part 3 because it was just so lame.

Picture it – the movie opens up with some kids visiting Jason’s grave. They dig him up and they want to make sure he’s dead. So they take a long metal pole and jab it through his heart and leave – then lightning strikes… and you can figure out why I walked out of the movie. Come on! Give me a premise that’s sort of believable. (Sorry for Spoilers but trust me… I saved you.)


My dad said he felt Psycho was scarier because during the time it was written, there was nothing else like it – and that terrified people. So, in the spirit of Friday the 13th I’m posing this question across a few different social media platforms:

What’s YOUR favorite scary movie and why?

Royalty Free by Vecteezy


Keep an eye out for a future blog post with the results!



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Community Theatre Update: “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”

Las Vegas has a wonderful selection of Amateur Theatre to enjoy. This wonderful musical is being performed at The Las Vegas Little Theatre main stage from now thru September 22.  The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee with music and lyrics by William Finn and the book by Rachel Sheinkin.

The story is about an eclectically diverse group of six kids that are vying for the spelling championship of a lifetime. The kids are played by adults which makes it even funnier! During the spelling bee the kids candidly disclose hilarious and touching stories from their home lives. The tweens spell their way through a series of words, hoping not to hear the soul-crushing “ding” of the bell that signals a spelling mistake. Six spellers enter; one speller leaves! At least the losers get a juice box.  This is a riotous musical ride.

Winner of the Tony and the Drama Desk Awards for Best Book, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee has charmed audiences across the country with its effortless wit and humor. The show centers on a fictional spelling bee set in a geographically ambiguous Putnam Valley Middle School.  The show was first produced in 2005.

The Las Vegas Little Theatre is located at 3920 Schiff Drive and their phone number is 702-362-7996.  For tickets go to

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Attention Property Investors – Think about this. Smaller Apartments Are Doing Big Things For Developers

In the ever changing landscape of major cities across the country multifamily family developers are finding less is more.  What I mean by that; smaller units – like studio apartments are being grabbed up faster than larger ones. As rents are on the rise and urbanization has intensified, many developers have responded with smaller apartments and it is paying off.

Earlier in this decade the larger units were more popular, however now the focus has flipped. The vacancy rates for the smallest 25% of one-bedroom units have dipped below those for medium and larger units, according to CoStar. The average unit completed last year measured 941 SF, according to RENTCafé. That is 5% less than the average of 10 years prior.  “Smaller units have been gathering an outsized share of demand, especially in urban submarkets in major metros, which is simply due to the fact that rents are far above where they were at pre-recession highs, and these major metros have become really expensive,” CoStar consultant Robin Trantham said. “Renters choosing to live in the city have had to sacrifice square footage in order to do so.”

Building smaller units is a clear extension of the myriad of reasons that renters want to live in them. Urbanization has pushed rents up, and developers and residents alike have found smaller units satisfy each of their respective needs.  The cost of land in most cities has gone up tremendously and the Las Vegas area is no exception.

Over the last several years Las Vegas became a multi industry city – tech people have moved in as well as call center for large multinational companies as well as warehouses for companies like Amazon and Sephora.  Most of these people do not make huge amounts of money however need a place to call home.



Panoramic Interests is based in the expensive San Francisco Bay Area and specializes in small studios, one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms. Its average two-bedroom is about 440 SF, or “smaller than a lot of studios”.  Every rental market that has high rental costs can always benefit from the construction of smaller units because of the lower rents. For that reason, the performance of smaller floor plans in what CoStar defines as core markets — Boston, New York, Chicago, LA, S.F., Washington, D.C., and Seattle — is where the trend is most pronounced.

And I believe we can add Las Vegas to the list.  The cost of land has gone up so much in the last few years that newly built homes have become very costly.  If Las Vegas wants to accommodate all the people moving here that work for the new industries coming here – which includes lots of millennials, real estate investors in Las Vegas should be jumping on this trend.  Also this is not just a millennial thing – baby boomers, empty nesters and divorcees are looking for value in the marketplace.  Many of them are looking to down-size.

This is another way that the residential market is reinventing itself – to cater to the needs of these groups of people and there is a great need in Las Vegas on the supply side as well.  Increasing construction costs have put larger multifamily units on hold. The more appealing unit economics of micro-units, co-living or just smaller floor plans are becoming clearer to investors and developers around the country and Las Vegas investors and developers would be wise to get into this market.

So, all you property investors and developers contact me if you are interested in getting into this money making trend. Don’t want to own apartments because you don’t want to be a landlord? I get calls from investors looking to buy apartment buildings… build one and then sell it for a nice profit!

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Buy a brand new home in Summerlin for less than you think…

Maybe it’s time to trade up. I just visited a KB Homes community being built in Summerlin and was shocked (in a good way) when I saw the prices. My Summerlin home was built by KB in 2001 and single story in my neighborhood averaged $205 per sq/ft for the past 6 months… their 1,858 sq ft model starts at $387,000 ($209 per sq/ft)! That’s crazy! And their base model includes a gourmet kitchen… some of the kitchens in my neighborhood that sold for $205 average had those white tile kitchen counters!

(play the video below by clicking on it)

And if you need to sell your home in order to buy a brand new home, that is also easier than you think… call me and we can chat about it.

Do you have a need for commercial / industrial / retail space? Are you ready to buy or sell a home? We can help you with that… just call us at 702 SELL NOW or click on this link to my website

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Do you love the Vegas Golden Knights too? Wanna road trip to see them play in L.A.?


Are you up for an affordable adventure? If you didn’t know, I am a VGK fan and I have season tickets. Last year, the last regular season game they played was on the road against the Kings and it was the same day as my son’s senior prom. My son didn’t have a date for the prom and he was kind of bummed so I suggested we drive to L.A. for the game, which we did! We arrived, downtown, about 1/2 hour before they dropped the first puck. When the game was over, we drove home, trading drivers every 30 minutes, so we would stay awake. The whole experience was a ton of fun… and part of the adventure (in our opinion) was doing the whole thing in less than 24 hours… so this year I put together a bus trip for 56 VGK fans.


The bus will leave from a parking lot just outside of Summerlin (Fort Apache & Sahara) at 10 AM on Saturday November 16th, and drive 56 fans to downtown L.A. – we should arrive around 3 PM, which will give everyone time to explore the area on your own and be in your seats for the puck drop at 7 PM.

road trip path

45 minutes after the game ends, the bus will drive us all back to where it picked us up from. Wanna go with us? For only $165 each, you can join us in section 206 for the game… we’ll be sitting in the lower bowl on the side where the Knights attack twice, and if you tried to buy similar seats online at T-Mobile arena here in Las Vegas for a game, they typically cost $200-$250.



What will you do between when the bus drops you off and when the game begins? There is plenty to explore… the Fashion District, the Jewelry District, great restaurants, & more (just Google “Top 10 things to do in downtown LA”).

So, are you up for it? To secure your seat on the bus call 702 SELL NOW (702-735-5669). Options for payment include, check, cash, Zelle or Venmo.

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