Why are so few people in Las Vegas interested in meeting their neighbors?

This is a question that if you have an answer or comment to I would love to hear from you.


I know it is a different world than when I grew up.  I was lucky enough to grow up in a neighborhood were we used to have a block party on my street every so often and probably 17 out of about 25 houses would participate…It was so much fun getting to know the neighbors (not just the kids) on the block and we looked out for each other.

Fast forward to the present day in Las Vegas – I throw our annual BBQ for Ridgebrook, (the neighborhood I live in) which has just over 450 houses, and I know many of the people here – only about 6-8 households are ever represented at the BBQ – so sad since this is a very safe way to meet members of the community.  Also add another circle of friends for you and your kids – it is very comforting to have people you know and trust living near you.

I moved to our wonderful city of Las Vegas in 1993 when it was much smaller – even then I noticed some neighbors would not even wave hi when I would drive by. I have a friend that moved here from New York City and told me that she always had interaction with the people that lived in the same coop building and said she would see the same people on the bus she took to work and would chat with these people on the way to work (and they say New Yorkers are not friendly).

When I moved into the neighborhood of Ridgebrook and invited the closest 15 houses over to meet the new neighbors (us) – only 4 households showed up…

My questions are – Was the neighborhood I grew up in odd? Do people just not do that in the rest of the world? Or have times changed that much?

I would love to get your [the reader’s] opinion.  Prove me wrong – I’ll bet if you aren’t interested in waving to me on the street, or joining our annual neighborhood BBQ, you probably aren’t interested in telling me why, either, but I’ll ask.

Comment below please:

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Choose to have an amazing day….Jeff

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One thought on “Why are so few people in Las Vegas interested in meeting their neighbors?”

  1. This is so true! Thank you for pointing this out. You are correct, times have changed. I think the majority of people these days (being social) is social media.
    We know what everyone is doing, eating , and pretty much every detail of their life is posted on social media.
    And we also see and read all the bad that is happening around us such as crime (more people with anxiety now than ever) next door apps , ring apps, Facebook, twitter , instagram and Snapchat ect….. Sadly that is how we socialize these days.
    You do not even have to leave your couch to find a wife, husband , date or partner! You can do it all from your electronic devise. We text more than we talk, we post happy birthday on Facebook instead of sending cards. The truth is we have gained so much with technology that we have lost so much of being human and having that real social society.
    Now looking back at my childhood. All the neighbors would wave , we knew everyone in our nieghboorhod and there was always the grumpy one. But all the kids played outside , all the parents knew each other , we all looked after one another and helped each other without question! Well, except for the grumpy guy of course. Then around the early 80’s video games came out, more and more kids would just stay inside playing video games (and still do).
    Top that with computers and social media , well that is the new normal now and that leaves us overstimulated I guess.
    I am so thankful for you because you do your best to bring people together and even tho I am one of those overstimulated humans , I always have such a great time at your events and leave them with such gratitude for having that real in person quality time with you and the neighbors that do come.
    Thank you

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