Concerts at the Encore Theater are more than just a concert!


If you have not seen one of the concerts the Wynn puts on in their intimate little 1,500 seat Encore Theater, you are missing out on a wonderful show. I’ve now seen Garth Brooks, Billy Joel & John Fogarty there… When I saw Billy Joel, I was enthralled by the stories he told between songs. He talked about his journey through music as if he were talking to Barbara Walters… (I thought maybe she was in the audience). Now, I have seen Billy Joel 4 other times in concert, however, I enjoyed this one the most (by far…) but I just thought he was choosing a different approach, and I felt lucky to have experienced it.

A few months later I was invited to see Garth Brooks perform there, and although I’m not a real big fan of his music, I always love a good concert and figured he would be very entertaining. He opened the show talking about the music played in his home growing up, and (again) took the audience through his journey in a way that made me feel like we had become friends. Of course, he played plenty of music, but it was more than a concert; it was like we were in his living room.

And again, a few months later I took the opportunity to go see John Fogarty at the Wynn… I’ve always loved CCR and just never saw him perform previously. It was not until my 3rd show at the same venue that I realized that the Wynn was approaching concerts very differently. Of course I’ve been to a couple of shows where the artist spouted some political point of view about guns or war or Apartheid or whatever was the hot topic at the time, and many artists will pepper their show with brief anecdotes. But John told a captivating tale about his first guitar… and how much it meant to him… and why he gave it to a poor musician who showed promise… He talked about the honor of having certain other musicians “cover” his music, and various other stories, and he was so human… once again I left there feeling like we had really connected.

What I eventually decided was that these concerts were more than concerts. They were intimate gatherings with real people, who have great stories to tell, and since at least pre-school, I have loved story-time and I have loved great music. John Fogarty is performing there again in April and Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson & Sarah McLaughlan all have 2019 dates there. Go to for details and get tickets. I’m betting you’ll have a concert experience unlike any you’ve had before. And you may even run into me in the refreshments line.

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Choose to have an amazing day….Jeff

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