The Comeback of Vinyl Records

Back in the day, all recordings were vinyl and the sound was incredible (unless you loved an album so much you wore it out).  Then there were 8 track tapes, cassette tapes and along came compact discs.  Most people went crazy for these alternatives to vinyl, and poof vinyl faded away! Now we live in the digital music age… with Pandora, Spotify & more that make it fast and easy to listen to your music wherever you are.

But there’s nothing like the sound of good ol’ vinyl. Because vinyl records were no longer what the typical consumer wanted, for many years, you could buy them cheap! I could get just about anything I wanted for under $10 in an out-of-the-way store and maybe $1 at a garage sale.  Just recently a bought a pristine old album – “Strange Days” by the Doors – the gold label version – this is the original version – not a reprint… and not cheap anymore! Record stores have become more popular recently and, you can even buy vinyl of current artists. Sure we have The Rolling Stones and Jackson Browne… we also have Imagine Dragons and Meghan Trainor.

I have some tips for you on how to keep your vinyl in good shape.  First of all, be delicate with these treasures and try not to let your hands, or anything else for that matter, run across the vinyl’s surface.  It’s imperative you take the extra time to keep your hands around the outer edges of the record. Also use the turntable’s cueing lever, which was designed to help you aim for the gaps between songs and lower the needle slowly and safely, and get a slip mat to go between the record and the turntable.

Vinyl for blog
(this is my set-up … and about half of my albums)

To clean your vinyl use a carbon fiber brush—they are extremely soft and designed to attract dust particles rather than leave them behind.  And stick to products that are labeled for use on vinyl records—this includes D4 and Nitty Gritty Pure 2. I just bought a “Spin Clean Record Washer” after a suggestion by another audiophile. A big thing to remember is to make sure you sleeve up your albums as soon as you’re done listening to them.  Plus never stack your records!  Sit your records up right next to one another, just like books, in a climate controlled environment and you’ll never have to say goodbye to your vinyl ever again.

If you love music, and you have not done so already, I suggest you purchase a turntable and some vinyl. Sure, it’s a little more work… and your ears will thank you.

Do you have vinyl? Do you play them? Comment below!

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