What should a Home Buyer do right away once they own their home?

Hooray you just bought a new home – whether it is your first home or second or third congratulations.  Besides packing and moving as well as getting utilities turned on there are four other items you should do once you have closed on your new home.

  1. You will most likely not know when the batteries were changed in your new home’s smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detector. After that you should change the batteries twice a year and to make it simple to remember change them at the same time you move your clocks back or forward for Daylight savings time. Also, if the home is more than 10 years old check the date that the smoke detectors were installed (usually on the back). If it has been longer than 10 years, replace them and write the installation date on the new ones in the appropriate place. Although this will cost a few bucks, it may save your life someday.
  2. Replacing air filters in your new home is one of the best things you can do to reduce maintenance or failure issues. Go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and get an  air filter – if you or anyone in the family has allergies get a HEPA filter.  Both these stores carry many different filters in all sizes.

In the Las Vegas area most filters are located in the ceiling.  For some this is a challenge to open the latches on the grill and keep the old filter from falling.  Here is a little trick you might want to use. Before climbing the ladder, go to the thermostat. There are hundreds of thermostats out there but almost all of them will have two switches or buttons. One for “System” and one for “Fan”. The fan switch or button will have two settings: “AUTO” and “On”. The normal position for the fan should be AUTO. But when changing out the air filters you should switch the setting to “On”.

Now, when you unlatch the grill, the filters will stay in place because they will be held in position by the suction of the fan. Before you install the new filter.  When you place the filters in the proper position in the system return, the suction from the fan will hold them in place making it much easier to close the grill.

  1. Change locks and codes. This is an important safety issue – you and your family or anyone else that lives with you should be the only people that should have a key and know the codes to your alarm system and if you have a keypad on the garage door.  Unfortunately there are a lot of bad people out there looking for a home to rob.  Take every precaution to make sure it is not yours. Even if the old owners have left the city (or even the country) you do not know who they have given keys to over the years. You also change your mailbox lock (if you have one) or the same reasons; but you don’t do that yourself. You go to the post office with your final settlement statement in the first 30 days after closing and they will do it for free! (They will do it after 30 days have passed also, but you have to pay for it)

  1. Verify the settings on your irrigation system control panel. Did you know that lawn sprinkler systems are one of the most damaging components to Las Vegas homes? It is super important that you review the settings on your panel to ensure they are correct. The settings for your panel are easy to find. The Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) has promulgated all the required schedules on their website. You only need to enter your address. The link is here: https://www.lvvwd.com/conservation/mandatory-watering-schedule/index.html   Keep to the correct days or you might be fined by SNWA seriously, I have seen their new enforcement trucks driving around).

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Choose to have an amazing day….Jeff

Author: The Jeff Howard Group powered by Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas

I moved to Las Vegas in 1993 and I have been investing in Real Estate since 2003. I believe in creating win-win scenarios whenever I buy or sell any real estate. I have owned over 50 properties in Idaho, Ohio, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Nevada. Whether you're ready to invest in the Las Vegas valley, or if you want to buy or sell a home here, as your Realtor, I will help you make great decisions and add to your bottom line. Call me today to talk about your next real estate move. 702 SELL NOW (702-735-5669). To see what my past clients have said about my, be sure to visit http://www.JeffHoward.reviews

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