Tips for Decorating your Home for Halloween

Many families decorate their homes for Halloween.  Over the years decorating trends for any holiday may change over time.  Just a few years ago laser lights shows and giant inflatable’s were the trend, now things are starting to shift a bit more toward subtle.

For some people the over-the-top Halloween decorating style will likely never fully go away, of course; there’s at least one house in every town that goes all out with its display and people always love it. If you’re looking for something simpler and easier on the power bill, here are a few trendy options to keep in mind.

Candles – With the right candleholders, basic white candles can add a spooky feeling and takes us back to older Halloween motifs. There are specialty candles available that are carved to look like bones or horns as well. (With children and pets in the house the best candles to use may be the battery operated kind.)

Pumpkins – You can’t have Halloween without pumpkins? While the traditional jack-o-lantern is still great, there’s an increasingly common trend to display uncarved pumpkins as well (plus they last longer if you don’t carve them). White pumpkins are also seeing an upswing in popularity to really help set your decorations apart from the norm.  This is easy and sets the mood – put two or three together in your entranceway.

Halloween Wreaths –There is also increased popularity in Halloween wreaths. They come in a variety of styles, and have a lot more room to experiment than more traditional Christmas wreaths because of the generally spooky nature of the holiday. You can DIY a wreath yourself or buy one of multiple pre-made varieties to give your home a really unique Halloween look.

Lighting and Signs – Halloween lights have become popular in recent years.  The lights provide a decorative option that can be enjoyed even once the sun goes down. Just a few can do the trick and not drive your electric bill way up. Signs, both lighted and non-lighted, are also Halloween must-haves. Combining the two can give your home a unique look that neighbors can enjoy both during the day and after the night descends.

Window Décor –A new trend is to make use of silhouettes in front of plain curtains to give your decorations a more subtle flair. Some homes even take this a step beyond, using white sheets or similar coverings on the interior windows and then using creative lighting and figure placement to actually cast shadows onto the waiting windows. The shadow puppet feel gives the effect an extra layer of spookiness.

Black and White and Purple Trappings –While black and orange were always the dominant colors of Halloween, however there has been a big trend in the past few years to move away from the orange and embrace the holiday’s darker tones like dark purple. White is used for contrast, with the darker shades. Splashes of other colors may be added as well, but the black, white and purple theme is definitely striking.

Maybe the entire family will take part in the decorating – the result should be eclectic and fun and that what the holiday is all about.

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