The Parade of Mischief in Downtown Summerlin – Every Friday and Saturday in October

Downtown Summerlin has taken the spirit of Halloween to the next level with the brand new” Parade of Mischief” that is kicking off fall family events starting on Friday October 4, with the parade starting promptly at 7 p.m. on Park Center Drive.  This parade is sponsored by Spirit Halloween.

The Parade of Mischief has a cast of more than 30 local kids, dancing zombies, ghosts, witches, wizards, a dead skeleton band and more, according to a news release.

Halee Mason, marketing director of Downtown Summerlin stated “Parade of Mischief is a wonderful new addition to our line-up of family-friendly entertainment at Downtown Summerlin. The annual holiday parade is one of our most beloved and popular events here, so we are upping the ante by creating yet another seasonal parade to celebrate Halloween. We can’t wait to unveil it to the community on Oct. 4!”

The annual Halloween event Treat Street event returns to Downtown Summerlin from 5 to 7 p.m. Oct. 31. The event is free and open to the public, and families are encouraged to dress in Halloween costumes for trick-or-treating throughout the common area where participating retailers will distribute candy.

Don’t forget about the “Howl-O-Ween” dog costume contest Oct. 31 during Treat Street festivities. Entry fees include a $20 donation ($10 for each additional dog entry) to the Animal Foundation. The contest will place in Macy’s Promenade. Check-in will begin at 4:30, and the contest starts at 5:30 p.m.

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Buy a brand new home in Summerlin for less than you think…

Maybe it’s time to trade up. I just visited a KB Homes community being built in Summerlin and was shocked (in a good way) when I saw the prices. My Summerlin home was built by KB in 2001 and single story in my neighborhood averaged $205 per sq/ft for the past 6 months… their 1,858 sq ft model starts at $387,000 ($209 per sq/ft)! That’s crazy! And their base model includes a gourmet kitchen… some of the kitchens in my neighborhood that sold for $205 average had those white tile kitchen counters!

(play the video below by clicking on it)

And if you need to sell your home in order to buy a brand new home, that is also easier than you think… call me and we can chat about it.

Do you have a need for commercial / industrial / retail space? Are you ready to buy or sell a home? We can help you with that… just call us at 702 SELL NOW or click on this link to my website

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Do you love the Vegas Golden Knights too? Wanna road trip to see them play in L.A.?


Are you up for an affordable adventure? If you didn’t know, I am a VGK fan and I have season tickets. Last year, the last regular season game they played was on the road against the Kings and it was the same day as my son’s senior prom. My son didn’t have a date for the prom and he was kind of bummed so I suggested we drive to L.A. for the game, which we did! We arrived, downtown, about 1/2 hour before they dropped the first puck. When the game was over, we drove home, trading drivers every 30 minutes, so we would stay awake. The whole experience was a ton of fun… and part of the adventure (in our opinion) was doing the whole thing in less than 24 hours… so this year I put together a bus trip for 56 VGK fans.


The bus will leave from a parking lot just outside of Summerlin (Fort Apache & Sahara) at 10 AM on Saturday November 16th, and drive 56 fans to downtown L.A. – we should arrive around 3 PM, which will give everyone time to explore the area on your own and be in your seats for the puck drop at 7 PM.

road trip path

45 minutes after the game ends, the bus will drive us all back to where it picked us up from. Wanna go with us? For only $165 each, you can join us in section 206 for the game… we’ll be sitting in the lower bowl on the side where the Knights attack twice, and if you tried to buy similar seats online at T-Mobile arena here in Las Vegas for a game, they typically cost $200-$250.



What will you do between when the bus drops you off and when the game begins? There is plenty to explore… the Fashion District, the Jewelry District, great restaurants, & more (just Google “Top 10 things to do in downtown LA”).

So, are you up for it? To secure your seat on the bus call 702 SELL NOW (702-735-5669). Options for payment include, check, cash, Zelle or Venmo.

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Aviators in the playoffs and release schedule

In their first season at the new Las Vegas Ballpark, the Las Vegas Aviators clinched a playoff berth-their first as a franchise in 5 years. The Aviators begin the best of 5 playoff series at Sacramento playing the River Cats on Wednesday Sept. 4. Game Two will be in Sacramento on Thursday Sept. 5.

Then the playoff series moves to Las Vegas Friday Sept. 6 and games will be played Saturday and Sunday at the Las Vegas Ballpark in Downtown Summerlin, if necessary.

Las Vegas completed the regular season leading all 30 Triple-A teams in attendance with 650,934 in 70 dates (9,299 average).


The Aviators finished the season with a record of 83-57 (.593) which ranked second best in the 16-teams. PCL (Round Rock was 84-55, .604 entering today).The 83 wins is tied for the second in franchise history with the 1983 Las Vegas Stars (83-60, .580). The team record is 85-59 (.590) in 2002.

If you have not been to the new stadium it features 4Topps Premium Seating’s innovative Air Flow seats (they are 1,000 times more comfortable than the seats at the old ballpark downtown)!  Over 8,000 seats are in the stadium’s lower tier bowls, suites and party zones, as well as in both outfield corner sections, where the seats swivel 360 degrees with a front beverage railing. The Aviators are the first team in sports history with a home ballpark boasting all seats made from breathable mesh. With the seats, lounge areas and standing social areas plus a swimming pool, Las Vegas Ballpark’s total capacity is 10,000.

The Las Vegas Ballpark offers an amazing line-up of food and beverages.  The menu creates an elevated ballpark experience with updated traditional ballpark fare in both food and drinks with many new flavors. (You’ve gotta try the “Goliath”, found just past 1st base just behind section 104… a foot-long hot dog wrapped in bacon!)

So hurry up and get your tickets for the playoffs here;

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Are You Ready for the R-22 (Freon) Phase-out? It’s all cool.

Here’s everything you need to know regarding the R-22 (Freon) phase-out. Both real estate pros and homeowners have expressed concern about this refrigerant phase-out.

On January 1, 2020, R-22 refrigerant will become illegal to manufacture or import into the United States.  Once the existing inventory of new R-22 is exhausted, only reclaimed and purified R-22 may be used to repair an air conditioning system. Why is R-22 being phased out?

R-22—or Freon, as it’s commonly called—is not good for the environment. It’s considered one of the most common contributors to ozone depletion. Currently, new air conditioners are manufactured using R-410A (aka Puron), a more environmentally-friendly refrigerant.

How will the R-22 phase-out affect you? As availability of R-22 slows, prices for R-22 refrigerant will increase. Homeowners can expect to pay up to $125 or more per pound for Freon if a repair is needed. Without the right home warranty, homeowners could face a considerable expense even if their system is repairable.

Bottom line: R-22 is not running out anytime soon, but it will get more expensive.

I’m sure you have questions and I am here to answer those questions about Freon and also home warranties.

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To Prepay or Not Prepay – That is the Question!!

If you have a mortgage it is probably one of the biggest single debts you are likely to have. Being able to properly manage your mortgage is very important especially with so many options when it comes to loans, repayment and refinancing. It can all get a bit confusing and overwhelming. At some point you might hear a lot of talk about is prepaying your mortgage.

Should you prepay your mortgage? Should you focus on other things first? Before rushing into prepayment, make sure you have all of the information first.

What Is Mortgage Prepayment?

Mortgage prepayment is the act of paying some or your entire mortgage principal before it’s actually due. This can take a number of forms, from paying a higher amount than the actual payment that’s due each month to making additional payments in months where you have money to spare. Some homeowners even make a single large additional payment every year after getting a tax return. Regardless of the specific form that prepayment takes, the result is still the same: More of your outstanding mortgage balance gets paid off, resulting in a decrease in both the amount that you still owe and the amount that interest can be applied to.

What Are the Benefits of Prepaying?

There are several benefits to prepaying your mortgage, regardless of how often the payments are made. Consider the following and how they might apply to your mortgage situation:

  • Faster repayment of the mortgage loan
  • Decreased cost of the mortgage over time
  • Equity is accrued at a faster rate
  • Prepayment reduces principal, making it easier to qualify for refinancing

Essentially, prepayment gives you more control over your loan and helps you to save money, build equity and pay off the loan faster. Since you are paying down your mortgage at a faster rate, you will likely have an easier time refinancing for a better interest rate and loan terms down the road. And since the prepayment is optional, you can always skip prepayments and simply pay the monthly payment due if money is tight. Because of this, many people choose to incorporate prepayment plans into their overall preparations for retirement.

Are There Any Downsides?

While there are definitely benefits to prepaying your mortgage, there are potential downsides as well. Some mortgages, especially those with adjustable rates, are designed to not allow prepayments; if you attempt to prepay on the mortgage, this can trigger a penalty fee. Additionally, some lenders only accept prepayments in certain forms and will apply any other money received as simply an early payment against the next month (which means that the money will go toward interest and principal and not just your principal loan balance.)

Attempting to prepay when you have significant debt elsewhere or don’t have a safety net built up for you and your family is not a good idea. Your mortgage likely has a lower interest rate than most if not all of your other debts, so you may be better off paying them off and building up savings and retirement funds first before you start worrying about prepaying a mortgage.

Should You Prepay Your Mortgage?

Whether or not you should prepay your mortgage depends on a number of factors. You should consider the type of mortgage you have, how much your monthly mortgage payments are and what your interest rate looks like. You should also take a look at your overall finances and how well prepared you are for emergencies and retirement. It’s possible that your money would be better off going elsewhere at the moment. Even if prepayments seem feasible and affordable, make sure that your lender accepts prepayments without penalty and that you know how they prefer to receive prepayments. Those extra payments won’t do much good if your lender simply applies them against interest or charges you a penalty fee because prepayments aren’t allowed by your loan.

It is also advisable to speak with your financial adviser or accountant.

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Great it’s the summer – but my electric bill YIKES!!!

The Las Vegas Valley is in the middle of summer when the temperature stays in the 100s most days and we all know what that means – HIGHER electric bills. Air conditioning is a MUST, but it takes a lot of energy which causes our electric bills to spike. Here are some tips to help you keep your house cooler without breaking the bank.
[Some of these tips might seem a bit silly, but their silliness makes them memorable!]

  1. Grill outside more.
    When using the appliances in your kitchen in the middle of the summer can raise the temperature in your home by upwards of 15 degrees during each meal. By using your outdoor grill you’ll give your heat-inducing indoor appliances a break – plus everything tastes better from the grill!! Use this as an opportunity to create deliciously healthy meals and spend time outdoors with your friends and family!

    grilling outside

  2. Keep your lights off.
    Light bulbs of all varieties can generate a lot of heat in a room. To keep rooms cooler, turn the lights off and keep them off. Reserve your electric energy for when you truly need it. Research has also shown that darker rooms tend to seem cooler than they are, so give your eyes and your wallet a rest.
  3. Try this fan hack!
    Place a mixing bowl filled with ice directly in front of a large stationary or circulating fan and keep the fan on or as close to the floor as you can. The air from the fan will flow over the ice, creating a refreshingly cool breeze rolling gently through your house. A wet washcloth over the front of the fan will also work if you’ve used all your ice for refreshing drinks!
  4. Trade out your sheets.
    Switching out your bedding seasonally can freshen up your space and keep you cool during those hot summer nights. Put away your winter fleece and flannel sheets and blankets and opt for cotton, as cotton fabric breathes easier and stays naturally cooler by several degrees. Buckwheat pillows (yes, those exist!) can also help keep you cooler when you sleep. The naturally occurring space between the buckwheat hulls allows the pillow to circulate air, unlike thicker pillowcases and other linens.

    summer bedding

  5. Mind your doors.
    Unused rooms? Close them off to keep airflow in only the parts of the house you are using (and close the vents in those rooms).
  6. Close your blinds.
    This is a simple but overwhelmingly effective tip. It’s reported that up to 30% of unwanted heat comes directly from your windows and using blinds and drapes results in drastically lower temperatures. Heat gain can be reduced by up 33% with drapes and up to 45% with highly reflective blinds. Cover windows to avoid a greenhouse-type effect in your home, especially those windows that face to the south and the west.

    download (1)

  7. Be strategic about your landscaping.
    Are you ready for new landscaping? Be mindful where you plant tall bushes, trees, and other plants. If you want a shadow over a certain window of your house, ask your landscaper or make specific plans for that to happen. Trees are a great way to naturally block the sun from your home and give back to the environment. Be sure to use a tree that sheds it leaves in the winter, though, so you still get the sun‘s warmth in the colder months, when you want it.

The heat can be both expensive and dangerous, so be safe and mindful as we head into the final stretch of summer!

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