11 Things You Should NOT Recycle

They say the road to [you know where] was paved with good intentions… and if you have been recycling like I have, well then you have had good intentions, yet not actually helping our environment. You may have come to use the recycle bin for many more items than you should. My thought behind this was always -it’s better to send the item in question to a place where it might be recycled or composted versus straight to landfill… then I’m helping to save the planet… correct?! Not always. You’ll need to be more diligent if you want your recycle bin to not just be another trash bin. According to the Waste Management Inc., one out of every four items that ends up in the blue bin doesn’t belong. And, placing the wrong item in recycling bin can contaminate the entire pile, and potentially an entire truckload, sending it straight to landfill. Recycling contamination also can break recycling equipment, slow down operations, create unsafe work conditions (especially when sharp or hazardous materials are involved), and can increase service costs. China, previously one of the world’s largest importers of recycling waste, recently set strict limits on what they will accept to reduce “yang laji,” or foreign trash—throwing a major curve ball at the U.S. recycling industry. So, please take note that the following are some of the items to avoid putting in your recycling bin:

1. Plastic Bags: Many people add soft plastic bags to their recycling bin, or even bag their recyclables in plastic before adding them to their cart. The problem with soft plastic bags is that they can clog machines and slow down operations while workers remove the bags by hand. Try using your own reusable tote with you when you’re out shopping to eliminate the need for a plastic bag. You can also recycle soft plastic at many grocery stores. Plastic Film Recycling provides a handy directory by zip code to find a drop-off location near you.

2. Pizza Boxes: If the box has food stains or grease on it, it doesn’t belong in recycling. Lucky for us pizza lovers, cardboard boxes can be composted as can other food-soiled paper, so long as they’re not lined with plastic. Boxes with a shiny interior are most often lined with plastic and cannot be recycled or composted, unless your local municipality accepts them.

3. Gift Wrap: Shiny, metallic wrapping paper and decorative ribbons do not belong in recycling. Glittery cards are also non-recyclable and can contaminate an entire bin of paper. When wrapping a gift, opt for an unlamented paper like newspaper, paper bags or butcher paper. A good way to test if your gift paper is recyclable is to crumple it into a ball—if it stays bunched up, it’s most likely recyclable. If not, re-use it or throw it away.

4. Small metal bits: While bits of metal like soda can tabs and aluminum candy wrappers are technically recyclable, their small size makes them hard to detect and they often jam recycling machinery. To avoid this issue, keep soda tabs attached to the can or drop them inside the can when you’re done. Save bits of aluminum (relatively clean) foil until it forms a large ball or place them inside an aluminum can and crimp the top shut before you place the entire can into recycling.

5. Receipts: While the thermal cash register receipts you receive from a grocery store or boutique are made from paper, they also contain Bisphenol A, aka BPA, the nasty cancer causing chemical. The BPA that they contain gets processed with other paper pulp and contaminates the recycled paper products that are being produced. It’s best to ask for no receipt when you’re shopping, or throw it in the trash and wash your hands.

6. Food Residue: Cleaning out food and beverage containers before you recycle them is just as important as placing them in the right bin. Food residue and liquids left in take out containers, peanut butter jars and even wine bottles can contaminate an entire truckload of recyclables. Containers don’t have to be perfectly clean, but they should be rinsed and washed with soap if they’re greasy.

7. Broken Crockery: We all break things at some point in time. Unfortunately, broken plates, ceramics, porcelain, mirrors, light bulbs, cups, wine glasses and pyrex have different melting points and chemical compositions compared to recyclable glass and belong in the trash.

8. Diapers: Definitely no! It should be no surprise that dirty diapers and sanitary products have no place in the recycling bin. Whether they are clean or dirty, they go in the trash. There are some compostable diapers, but most municipalities do not accept them in municipal compost bins. Look into a compostable diaper service that drops off clean diapers and picks up dirty diapers to compost at a dedicated facility, or switch to reusable cloth diapers.

9. Shredded Paper: This one is was the biggest surprise to me. Shredded documents and small bits of paper are too small to be valuable to recyclers and fall through the cracks or can even clog equipment. The good news is shredded paper can be composted! If composting isn’t an option, you can collect shreds in a paper bag; staple it closed and place it into recycling.

10. Coffee Cups: Most to-go coffee cups are lined with a plastic film that makes them liquid proof, and difficult to recycle. The plastic lid might be recyclable, but it will depend on what type of plastic is accepted your local municipality. The paper heat sleeve that goes around the cup to protect your hand is really the only part of a to-go coffee cup that is likely recyclable or compostable. Better yet, say no to disposable cups and bring your own reusable coffee cup with you when you’re on the go.

11. Paperboard Boxes: Freezer food boxes and ice cream cartons contain a plastic polymer to prevent freezer burn. Unfortunately, this plastic coating prevents the box or carton from breaking down in the recycling process. Gable-topped milk and juice cartons are also made from a paper/plastic hybrid to prevent leaks and shelf stable cartons contain additional plastic and aluminum layers, making them even more difficult to recycle. While some municipalities accept cartons for recycling, many do not, so it is best to check.

Hopefully, this list of non-recycling items has provided some clarity about what does and does not belong in your blue bin. For more information, check with Republic Services on their web site. https://www.republicservices.com/recycling?tab=residential

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The Speeding Theatre presents “House of Tomorrow”

“House of Tomorrow” at the Super Summer Theatre Studio weaves together humorous, yet poignant, stories about seniors taking strength from their yesterdays, pursuing the passions of their tomorrows, opening the doors and windows of their lives (AKA their houses) to remodeling and keeping their dreams big and their hopes high! “House of Tomorrow” by Susan Shear will be presented by The Speeding Theatre!

super summer theatre

You’ll meet seniors navigating the uncharted waters of online dating, trying in vain to order a refill from a mail order pharmacy, responding to adult children concerned about driving safety, experiencing the stresses of forced downsizing— and see how  one senior’s view of a weekend together differs hilariously from her daughter’s take on it—as  well as other fun stories about seniors undaunted by the challenges life keeps throwing at them!

speeding theatre

Performance Dates: December 5th – 15th, 2019

Performances will take place at the Studio Theatre:
4340 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 (do not go to the Ranch)

To purchase tickets, go to:  www.purplepass.com/houseoftomorrow


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The iBuyer Breakdown

Are you being driven mad by phone calls from people wanting to buy your house?

Have you been seeing the ads everywhere and wondering what’s up with these so called “iBuyers”?

Well, I’ve got you covered. Check out the following video explaining what’s going on.


Don’t say yes too quickly and ALWAYS have someone in your corner to protect you!

If you have questions or are curious about how much your house is worth, don’t hesitate to call me.

Do you have a need for commercial / industrial / retail space? Are you ready to buy or sell a home? We can help you with that… just call us at 702 SELL NOW or click on this link to my website http://www.702SellNow.com

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Friday the 13th! The PERFECT Time for Scary Movies!

I would have to say my favorite scary movie experience was watching Friday the 13th in the dark theater as a kid – it scared the H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS out of me… which I  liked. I remember being disappointed by Friday the 13th 2 and actually walking out of the theatre for part 3 because it was just so lame.

Picture it – the movie opens up with some kids visiting Jason’s grave. They dig him up and they want to make sure he’s dead. So they take a long metal pole and jab it through his heart and leave – then lightning strikes… and you can figure out why I walked out of the movie. Come on! Give me a premise that’s sort of believable. (Sorry for Spoilers but trust me… I saved you.)


My dad said he felt Psycho was scarier because during the time it was written, there was nothing else like it – and that terrified people. So, in the spirit of Friday the 13th I’m posing this question across a few different social media platforms:

What’s YOUR favorite scary movie and why?

Royalty Free by Vecteezy


Keep an eye out for a future blog post with the results!



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Attention Property Investors – Think about this. Smaller Apartments Are Doing Big Things For Developers

In the ever changing landscape of major cities across the country multifamily family developers are finding less is more.  What I mean by that; smaller units – like studio apartments are being grabbed up faster than larger ones. As rents are on the rise and urbanization has intensified, many developers have responded with smaller apartments and it is paying off.

Earlier in this decade the larger units were more popular, however now the focus has flipped. The vacancy rates for the smallest 25% of one-bedroom units have dipped below those for medium and larger units, according to CoStar. The average unit completed last year measured 941 SF, according to RENTCafé. That is 5% less than the average of 10 years prior.  “Smaller units have been gathering an outsized share of demand, especially in urban submarkets in major metros, which is simply due to the fact that rents are far above where they were at pre-recession highs, and these major metros have become really expensive,” CoStar consultant Robin Trantham said. “Renters choosing to live in the city have had to sacrifice square footage in order to do so.”

Building smaller units is a clear extension of the myriad of reasons that renters want to live in them. Urbanization has pushed rents up, and developers and residents alike have found smaller units satisfy each of their respective needs.  The cost of land in most cities has gone up tremendously and the Las Vegas area is no exception.

Over the last several years Las Vegas became a multi industry city – tech people have moved in as well as call center for large multinational companies as well as warehouses for companies like Amazon and Sephora.  Most of these people do not make huge amounts of money however need a place to call home.



Panoramic Interests is based in the expensive San Francisco Bay Area and specializes in small studios, one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms. Its average two-bedroom is about 440 SF, or “smaller than a lot of studios”.  Every rental market that has high rental costs can always benefit from the construction of smaller units because of the lower rents. For that reason, the performance of smaller floor plans in what CoStar defines as core markets — Boston, New York, Chicago, LA, S.F., Washington, D.C., and Seattle — is where the trend is most pronounced.

And I believe we can add Las Vegas to the list.  The cost of land has gone up so much in the last few years that newly built homes have become very costly.  If Las Vegas wants to accommodate all the people moving here that work for the new industries coming here – which includes lots of millennials, real estate investors in Las Vegas should be jumping on this trend.  Also this is not just a millennial thing – baby boomers, empty nesters and divorcees are looking for value in the marketplace.  Many of them are looking to down-size.

This is another way that the residential market is reinventing itself – to cater to the needs of these groups of people and there is a great need in Las Vegas on the supply side as well.  Increasing construction costs have put larger multifamily units on hold. The more appealing unit economics of micro-units, co-living or just smaller floor plans are becoming clearer to investors and developers around the country and Las Vegas investors and developers would be wise to get into this market.

So, all you property investors and developers contact me if you are interested in getting into this money making trend. Don’t want to own apartments because you don’t want to be a landlord? I get calls from investors looking to buy apartment buildings… build one and then sell it for a nice profit!

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10 Tips to Make Small Rooms Feel Larger

Some of the rooms in your home are spacious and others are may be smaller and more challenging to try to get a roomier feeling.  Here are some key tips to make the smaller rooms count:

  • Create a floor plan of the room so you can figure out which items of furniture will look best together in a small space.
  • Remember less is more – do not overstuff the room with things.
  • You can use a brighter color in a small space so it doesn’t look too dark.
  • Use white as an accent color to make the room look bigger – white ceiling, white molding and white cabinets.
  • The use of mirrors in small spaces instantly males a space look larger.
  • Make sure the furniture for smaller spaces is the proper size and scale for a smaller room – big and bulky pieces won’t work.
  • Use glass table tops – this will give a sense of weightlessness to the room.
  • Use different shapes – round tables work well in small areas.
  • A neutral lighter shade palette to make the room soothing and appealing.
  • Decide the function of this room – it’s a small space so plan wisely. If it’s an extra bedroom furnish it as so – don’t think of it as extra bedroom/computer room/den. It just will be crowded.

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The Comeback of Vinyl Records

Back in the day, all recordings were vinyl and the sound was incredible (unless you loved an album so much you wore it out).  Then there were 8 track tapes, cassette tapes and along came compact discs.  Most people went crazy for these alternatives to vinyl, and poof vinyl faded away! Now we live in the digital music age… with Pandora, Spotify & more that make it fast and easy to listen to your music wherever you are.

But there’s nothing like the sound of good ol’ vinyl. Because vinyl records were no longer what the typical consumer wanted, for many years, you could buy them cheap! I could get just about anything I wanted for under $10 in an out-of-the-way store and maybe $1 at a garage sale.  Just recently a bought a pristine old album – “Strange Days” by the Doors – the gold label version – this is the original version – not a reprint… and not cheap anymore! Record stores have become more popular recently and, you can even buy vinyl of current artists. Sure we have The Rolling Stones and Jackson Browne… we also have Imagine Dragons and Meghan Trainor.

I have some tips for you on how to keep your vinyl in good shape.  First of all, be delicate with these treasures and try not to let your hands, or anything else for that matter, run across the vinyl’s surface.  It’s imperative you take the extra time to keep your hands around the outer edges of the record. Also use the turntable’s cueing lever, which was designed to help you aim for the gaps between songs and lower the needle slowly and safely, and get a slip mat to go between the record and the turntable.

Vinyl for blog
(this is my set-up … and about half of my albums)

To clean your vinyl use a carbon fiber brush—they are extremely soft and designed to attract dust particles rather than leave them behind.  And stick to products that are labeled for use on vinyl records—this includes D4 and Nitty Gritty Pure 2. I just bought a “Spin Clean Record Washer” after a suggestion by another audiophile. A big thing to remember is to make sure you sleeve up your albums as soon as you’re done listening to them.  Plus never stack your records!  Sit your records up right next to one another, just like books, in a climate controlled environment and you’ll never have to say goodbye to your vinyl ever again.

If you love music, and you have not done so already, I suggest you purchase a turntable and some vinyl. Sure, it’s a little more work… and your ears will thank you.

Do you have vinyl? Do you play them? Comment below!

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