Downtown Summerlin – Fitness On The Lawn

Those of us that live on the west side of the Las Vegas Valley are so happy to live near Downtown Summerlin.  In the few years since its opening Downtown Summerlin has grown and evolved to being an area that truly has something for everyone.

The Howard Hughes Corp. has listened to suggestions to make Downtown Summerlin a place everyone wants to come to and I’m sure we will see more events and growth in future years.

This year we are seeing the return of Fitness On The Lawn in Downtown Summerlin with TruFusion Summerlin, Pure Barre, lululemon, and Dance Dynamics!  Classes are FREE and welcome all levels. Bring your mat, towel and water and end the day with practice facing the Red Rock Canyon to the backdrop of the sunset in the mountains.  This community event is focused on wellness and an active outdoor lifestyle, a hallmark of the Summerlin Life.

The weekly fitness classes started on April 2nd and will run through the end of September. Enjoy a different class each week on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m.! Enjoy yoga, boxing, dance fit, circuit and more! Bring your mat, towel, and water and end the day with a workout, Summerlin® style. My family & I have attended a couple of these too and it’s a nice change of pace from the usual classroom workouts.

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Getting the Kiddos Ready to Go Back to School

Downtown Summerlin hosts the 12th Annual Cox Back to School Fair on Saturday, August 10 from 10am-3pm under The Pavilion. The event features a one-stop-shop for resources and information about getting kids and families ready for the new school year.

Cox Back to School Fair serves as the source for both students and parents to be ready for getting back to school. There are over 30 Booths including: CCSD Representatives from Transportation, Food Service, Safekey and more!

One of the services is Wal-Mart for immunizations that are required for students.  Anthem Pediatrics and representatives from the CCSD will be on hand to answer any questions you might have from enrollment, meal programs and registration.

There will be representatives from community agencies such as the YMCA, Project 150, Olive Crest, Nevada PEP and the Clark County Parks and Recreation Safekey.

Through the “Open Schools Open Doors” agreement, Clark County Parks & Recreation Safekey Before and After School Programs are offered to students in grades K-5 at 84 Clark County School District schools located in unincorporated Clark County.  The Safekey program offers a healthy environment where participants will engage in, but not limited to, indoor/outdoor individual and small group games, arts & crafts, the Apple Core reading program, an afternoon snack, all designed to enhance your child’s social growth and development.  This program is only available when school is in session – not during the summer or holidays.

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Bleach Presents NEON NIGHTS COMEDY – at the Cockroach Theatre

The Cockroach Theatre began with a midnight performance of LINE by Israel Horovitz in December of 2002. Friends for years, and having studied together in the theater department at University of Nevada Las Vegas they decided to produce the type of theatre that hadn’t been seen in Las Vegas.  Directed by the late local critic Tony DelValle, Israel Horovitz’ LINE was an unexpected critical and popular success.

Here we are many years later with Bleach Presents Neon Nights – which is a long form improv comedy show. Long form improv is theater made up on the spot inspired from an audience suggestion. These shows are not scripted. They have never been performed before and will never be performed again.

The performances will take place at 8p.m.  Sun Aug 11, 2019, Sun Aug 18, 2019 and  Sun Aug 25, 2019.  The Cockroach Theatre is located at 1025 South 1st Street 89101- right next to The Art Factory and Ninja Karaoke.

For tickets click on

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Movies at the Las Vegas Ballpark? Fun!

This is such a great idea -Las Vegas Ballpark won’t just be for baseball games anymore…  On Wednesday the ballpark spokespeople announced that they will be hosting “Flicks on the Field” movie night on select dates starting in August and will run to October.

The movie nights will be open to the general public starting at 7:05 p.m. and tickets will cost $2 per person. Children ages two and younger will get in for free. Tickets can be purchased at the main box office or online at

Concession stands will also be open around the ballpark so you can buy food and drinks and then sit down and watch the movie on the jumbotron screen.

Las Vegas Ballpark said in their release that the schedule of movies is subject to change and pending weather.

Here is the upcoming schedule of films:

Aug. 8 – Top Gun

Aug. 22 – The Sandlot

Sept. 12 – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Sept. 26 – The Goonies

Oct. 3 – Ghostbusters (original version)

Oct. 17 – Jurassic Park (original version)

Nov. 14 – Pick-A-Flick holiday movie to be selected by the general public. Information and details forthcoming.

The master-planned community of Summerlin is always thinking of ideas to give their residents (and residents in Las Vegas) another amenity to enjoy that includes your entire family.  Showing again that the community of Summerlin has an active outdoor lifestyle in mind for everyone, an attitude the developer has always believed in.

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Don’t Freak Out if You Find a Crack in the Foundation of Your House

Yes cracks in the foundation can be signs of a problem; however it doesn’t mean you should automatically think of worst case scenario.  Believe it or not, there are a few perfectly normal reasons why cracks can appear in your foundation.

Of course you should have the issue looked into but hold off on assuming the worst until you determine whether there’s a problem worth worrying about.

There are several things that can cause cracks in your foundation. In some cases, the cracks are simply caused by the settling of your home over time or soil expansion if your home is built on land with a lot of clay in the soil. Other potential causes of foundation cracks include:

  • Drainage issues around the home
  • Insufficient reinforcement to support the weight of the house
  • Major home renovations or add-ons such as adding a second story
  • Tree roots under the soil
  • Earthquakes, sinkholes or landslides that have affected the area
  • Deep soil freezing during the winter

Despite the wide range of possible causes, it’s important to not freak out and get excited and worry over the cracks until you’ve figured out whether they actually indicate a serious problem.

When you first notice cracks in your foundation get a good look at them and where they appear. Taking photos may help with this since they’ll give you an easy-to-access reference later on. If possible, include an object of known size in the pictures to give you a sense of scale; coins, ink pens or other common objects are easy to use.

When looking at the cracks in your foundation, take note of the direction of the crack, how wide the crack is and whether it has a uniform width. If there is an obvious point of origin (a crack that starts at the corner of a basement window or foundation vent) then you should take note of this as well. If you have a crawlspace or basement under your home, go in and examine the foundation wall from the inside as well to see if the crack is visible. The more information you have about the crack, the easier it will be to determine whether there’s a problem.

Small, thin cracks in the foundation usually aren’t much to be concerned about; they typically form as the house and the soil beneath it settle into place. Likewise, small cracks that appear after a particularly harsh winter shouldn’t be a major concern since they are easy to seal before the next bout of cold weather comes around.

There are some cracks that you need to watch out for, though.  Horizontal cracks, straight vertical cracks and cracks that are wider at one end than the other are all signs of potential problems. These can indicate that the foundation is cracking due to a much larger problem than just settling or bad weather. Check the depth of the crack, especially if you have a crawlspace or basement; a crack that goes all the way through the foundation wall can be very bad indeed. You should also see if there are multiple cracks forming around the same area or if any of the cracked areas correspond with cracks or other issues inside the house.

If the cracks seem recent, clean up the area and place marks on the wall beside the cracks. This will let you look for new debris or changes to the crack length over the next several days. Large cracks or cracks that seem to still be growing need to be repaired before they can cause significant issues.

Even if you’re handy around the house, you might want to call a professional to examine the situation and foundation and take care of what is wrong.  Having a pro to do the work will certainly give you piece of mind.  Just give me a call I have a list of professionals that I can highly recommend to you.  I am after all your Realtor for life!!

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Properly Mounting Things on the Walls of Your Home (pictures, decorations, etc)

Ok so you are in your new home or just adding a picture or mounting a television – anything that goes on your wall needs something to anchor it in place. Sometimes there is a stud in the wall that you can attach it to and you are good to go. You have well-supported wood to drive a screw into which will hold whatever you’re mounting in place.  However if you can’t find a stud where you need one, if the item has any real weight to it, you need some help. That’s where drywall anchors come in.

What is a drywall anchor? Drywall anchors are small pieces that are slightly larger than the screws you are using for this project.  Depending on the type of anchor you’re using it might be made of plastic or metal, with small fins sticking out from the outside of the anchor body and a hole in the middle that runs the length of the anchor.  You first put the anchors into the wall and then your screw goes into the hole. As you screw it in the screw digs into the anchor body in much the same way it would with wood to ensure that the screw won’t slip out.

The drywall anchors are designed to provide a tight fit for your screws. As the screw goes in, the anchor is forced to spread out and open up a bit. This pushes the body of the anchor against the sides of the hole you put it in, causing those little fins to dig into the surrounding drywall. The fins are positioned to go in easy but resist coming out, giving you a solid mounting even though there isn’t any wood or other solid material for your screws to secure to.

There are multiple types of drywall anchors. Choosing the right one for the project you are working on helps to reduce unnecessary damage to your drywall and ensures that the mounting is strong enough for what you are hanging on the wall. To ensure that you have the right drywall anchor for what you need to support you should try to estimate of the weight of the load and check the packaging of different drywall anchors to find an anchor that can hold that much weight.

If the load of what you are hanging is relatively light you’ll most likely only need a plastic anchor. The most common of these are known as expansion anchors and are essentially plastic sleeves that you hammer into a drilled hole and that simply spread out as you insert a screw. There are also threaded plastic anchors that look like oversized screws -they work similarly, except you screw them into place instead of hammering them. Regardless of the type of plastic anchor you use, the purpose is still to dig into the drywall and hold a screw in place.

For heavier loads you will need a metal anchor. Though you may see some threaded metal anchors, the most common metal anchors are known as molly bolts and feature a metal sleeve with a screw already inserted into them. You hammer these into place as you would with an expansion anchor and then remove the screw. Once you are ready to mount you place the screw back into the anchor and start tightening – this causes a portion of the metal sleeve to pull toward the screw, expanding metal arms on the other side of the drywall to create a much more secure fitting.

For seriously heavier loads you’ll need to use a toggle bolt instead. These anchors consist of a metal bolt with foldable metal wings that the bolt screws into. You have to fold the wings so that they lie over the bolt and then insert them into a hole large enough that they can fit through to the other side. Once on the other side the wings will expand, preventing the bolt from coming back out. Make sure that there is a washer or something else that’s large enough to cover the hole, though, or the bolt head could slip through the hole and you’ll lose your toggle bolt into the wall.

If a drywall anchor fails then it simply wasn’t the right type of anchor for the job. Trying to use smaller or weaker anchors for heavier loads will often result in failure because they simply don’t achieve enough grip on the surrounding material to hold the load. In some cases, though, the drywall itself may be too weak or the anchor you use may have been intended for a different material. Be sure to match the anchor to the weight and the material to minimize your chances of anchor failure.

If you are still having issues, or just not comfortable doing it yourself, you’ll probably want to hire a professional. I always keep a list of reliable professionals around in just about every category that pertains to your home, so feel free to reach out to me for recommendations. After all, we’re neighbors.

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Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame Meet & Greet/Fan Experience

Before they roll out the red carpet for the NVBHOF 7th Annual Induction Ceremony and Dinner the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame will start the weekend off with this Epic Meet & Greet/Fan Experience.

On Friday August 9, 2019 from noon to 4 p.m. at the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa you can meet some of the leading boxers before the weekend induction into the Boxing Hall of Fame.  This Meet and Greet will be held in the Charleston Ballroom.  Last year they had over 40 Past and Present Champions, along with boxing vendors on hand to meet and mingle with boxing fans and supporters!

Tickets are $50 plus $1.99 fee at If you wait to pay at the door the tickets are $75.  Ticket includes entry into the WBC Greenbelt Challenge Saturday 8/10 at 11am in the Charleston Ballroom.  Buy your tickets today, last year the tickets sold out and they had to turn 100’s of people away.

The NVBHOF is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization and your support is tax deductible.

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